Welcome to Dealplatz – Your local ethnic market place

Dealplatz is the best and most convenient way to get location dependent information like Latest Events, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Cultural Activities, Travel and more, filtered by Ethnic of interest. At your location. On your Smartphone.

  · For example Dealplatz provides you the nearest Indian Grocery Stores
  · It shows the nearest Sri Lankan restaurants
  · Furthermore, you can find the upcoming Bollywood movie shows close to you
  · Or the next African Festival at your place and elsewhere
  · You can find Middle East cultural activities nearby and around your location
  · German beer-garden around the corner
  · And much much more!

Dealplatz is for people travelling around the world as well as for those who are living outside their home countries to get informed about their latest ethnic related events, needs and promotions.

Dealplatz is the first and best way for those who are simply interested in the multi-ethnic products, services, offers and activities in their neighborhood.

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